Effort has reward

Last Tuesday, November 14th, in the theater of our school, we celebrated the ceremony of certificates delivery of the Cambridge exams held on June 17th.

Our 35 candidates of all levels (Starters, Movers, Flyers, A1, A2, B1 and B2) managed to demonstrate their competence in English. It was a real pleasure to gather in order to recognize the effort that these wonderful boys and girls made a few months ago, and also, to be able to share this moment with the families.  We are delighted with the results obtained and hope that they continue with more motivation, now that they have taken this positive step in their learning.  This is one of the many achievements these students will celebrate in their academic life.

At the Hijas de María Auxiliadora school we are aware of the importance of English in this increasingly globalized world.  We were recognized as a Cambridge exam preparation and examination center and we have been the examining venue for the last 5 years.  Our school has three teachers who are part of the Cambridge Assessment BEDA Team: Natalia Ballesteros and Angela Conca are «invigilators» of exams in Alicante, Murcia and Albacete, and Alma Gómez is a supervisor of Cambridge Exams in the same provinces. We are proud to have Cambridge Assessment staff at our school.  In addition, we have the invaluable professionalism of LB Grupo, the company that teaches the extracurricular activity of English. All this is another sign that the school is strongly committed to English at all stages.

Learning English is, in addition to grades and degrees, developing the confidence to communicate and thus access a life full of opportunities and enriching experiences.  It is about demonstrating to the world everything we are capable of doing using a language that serves as a vehicle for international communication, which is far beyond borders.  We use it to study, to work, to have fun… Therefore, these exams involve much more than accrediting an English level.

Cambridge English Qualifications is recognized worldwide as a mark of excellence and provides accompaniment in the learning of English. Every year, around 5 and a half million people face the Cambridge exams with the confidence that they have the backing of an institution that has been accompanying people in learning English since 1913, a certificate accepted worldwide as a test of language competence. And we have the help of the BEDA program to bring these exams to our students.

During the award ceremony, we had the presence of Luís Baez, coordinator of Cambridge Exams in BEDA ,the Pedagogic Director of Primary school, Paula González, a representation of the English teachers of all stages: Alma Gómez of Early Childhood Education, Fernando Carrasco and María Baeza of Primary Education, and Carmen García and Natalia Ballesteros of Secondary and Baccalaureate education.

In the familiar and close environment that characterizes us, we proceeded to the delivery of certificates.  The students present at the theater went up to the stage to collect the titleby accredited level, receiving a great applause from all those present.

Our school, Daughters of Mary Help of Humanity, wishes to continue sharing many more successes. Congratulations to the students and many thanks to the families, for the trust placed in us.


Equipo BEDA